Our Story

Occasionally Stuck Up was created by a Father & Son team from Michigan in the Summer of 2020. Growing up in Michigan, we both have a lifetime of familiarity with the infamous Grand Haven draw bridge. But it wasn't until one particular Summer Day in 2020, while waiting for the bridge to lower, that my dad had an idea (and possibly his best pun yet). He then shared his idea with me, who coincidentally had just started an online streetwear shop. Immediately, I was captivated by the idea, so I decided to list the tee, long sleeve, and hoodie with my freshly made design on my website, to see if anyone was actually interested. Needless to say, the response was overwhelmingly positive, which is when we realized we have something special with this brand. We realized that while we can't do anything to actually keep the bridge closed, making fun of and adding humor to a scenario that many people regularly face, we can find joy in annoyances. With that realization, we decided to not only turn Occasionally Stuck Up into its own brand, but we also decided to spread the love to other Michigan cities that experience the frustration of having to cross a drawbridge daily.


– Mike and Micah Martin